​​How I work
​I would describe myself as a Person centred Counsellor, although I may also integrate theories from other counselling theories such as Transactional Analysis, Gestalt and CBT.
​I offer my clients a `safe`, confidential and comfortable space where together we can explore thoughts and feelings and form a deep and meaningful therapeutic relationship.
​Within this relationship I hope to demonstrate deep empathy; an understanding of my client in their world; an accepting and non judgemental attitude; and a true authenticity (being me in the relationship).
​In essence it is the depth of the relationship and commitment of both parties that helps formĀ the therapeutic alliance.

​The Counselling may be short or long term. The number of sessions is always `driven` by the client and can vary between one sessionĀ or numerous sessions carried out over a long time period.

​I offer a Free 30 minute Initial Consultation where together the clients needs are identified and a joint decision is made to commence or discontinue the counselling. I feel it is of paramount importance that client and counsellor feel comfortable to work together.